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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Amanda Palmer for Temple of Art

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Amanda Palmer stopped by the Temple of Art headquarters last month and what happened next was no less than a glorious cacophony of art magic.


On July 2nd, Amanda Palmer teamed up with photographer Allan Amato, alongside artists from the Temple of Art, to create a multimedia book cover for Amanda’s Art of Asking. Rather than go the traditional route of photoshop, Amanda decided that the typography needed to be created in camera. David Mack was tasked with sketching up some initial concepts for the shoot, and we invited over artists Jason Shawn Alexander, Christine Wu, Jim Mahfood, Soey Milk, Roman Dirge, Zak Smith, Satine Phoenix and Stephanie Inagaki to lend their style and skill to the realization of the idea.

What followed was a slightly chaotic scene with artists painting on Amanda, who then wildly jumped into front of Allan’s camera for a few minutes before showering and beginning all over again. There is some incredible video of the mania that will be up soon, but for now these behind the scenes photos give you and idea of the epic mayhem.



While she was over, Amanda also collaborated on some art rewards for Temple of Art! Here’s one of the collaborative pieces created throughout the evening, featuring work by Amanda, Jim Mahfood, and Jason Shawn Alexander.



We took a slew of behind-the-scenes footage that we will release soon, and will likely also end up in the Temple of Art documentary! If you fancy, you can preorder the Temple of Art documentary here, as a DVD or HD download.

Barron Storey: What To Do In The Face Of Failure

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“Nobody draws better than Barron. Not you, not your little sister, your architect dad, not your rebellious ex-boyfriend who draws with his own blood, not the most talented kid at your art school. Not your favorite artist in the whole world; I’ve seen the work with my own eyes. Nobody draws better than The Barron.” – David Choe

We had a chance this week to sit down with Barron Storey, who is not only amazingly talented in his own right but has taught the likes of Dave McKean and David Choe. We sat and talked with him about what inspires him to make art, and the results are packed into this minute and a half short film.

Temple of Art: Paper Planes
Direction & Cinematography: Allan Amato
Concept by: Olga Nunes
Editing: Olga Nunes & Elisabeth Evans
Music: Jason Seigler
Featuring: Barron Storey
Barron told us about a cassette tape he’d found of a series of “nonlectures” E.E. Cummings did at Harvard in 1952. Cummings’ words stayed with him over the years, finding their way over and over again into the pages of his journals, and the emotional fabric of his art.


After some digging around, we managed to dig up the inspiring audio from E.E. Cummings talking about art as a circus act. From the Cummings piece, Him:

So much of the wonderful footage didn’t make it into the short film, but will certainly end up in the Temple of Art documentary! You can still preorder the documentary here, as a DVD or HD download.

The Many Faces of Neil Gaiman

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Everything in Temple of Art has been a collaboration– from the art pieces themselves, to the book and gallery show, to the back and forth conversations in the forthcoming documentary film.

This series of pieces featuring author Neil Gaiman are no exception.


Temple of Art director Allan Amato photographed a striking portrait of Neil, which then was passed around and painted on by David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Mahfood, Jason Shawn Alexander and Neil’s stunningly talented wife, Amanda Palmer. The results are these five amazing takes on the original photograph, each a little magical and otherworldly in their own right.


Left: both pieces by Bill Sienkiewicz & David Mack, Right:David Mack

You can pick up these collaborative art wonders as rewards over at our Kickstarter, which is now rounding the bend in its last week! Not only that, but you can also pre-order the $25 HD download of the film, or pick up the finished Temple of Art book, the DVD, and loads more! Take a look.

While you’re waiting for the film, our trusty Temple of Art ninja Elisabeth Evans shot and edited some fantastic footage of our panel at Comic-Con last month– hear Dave McKean, Barron Storey, Kent Williams, David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, Grant Morrison, Stephanie Inagaki and more wax poetic about their experiences with making art:

We also have a giant teetering pile of original art and art print rewards left over at our Kickstarter, including pieces by David Mack, Barron Storey, Jim Mahfood, JAW Cooper and more!

There’s also a super-fancy reward where Allan Amato will create a Temple of Art portrait of you, which will then be painted on and otherwise artistically emblazoned upon by the the fabulous Stephanie Inagaki. Check it out.



Also, three cheers to the fancy people at Nerdist who did a wonderful write-up on Temple of Art this week– as well as to the great humans at Huffington Post who also did a fantastic piece. Thanks, guys!

Temple of Art: San Diego Comic-Con Panel

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We had a packed panel at San Diego Comic-Con last week– the only downside was that we were left wanting more! Sit back and get a sneak peek into the minds of these insanely talented artists, as they talk about what moves them to make art.

Featuring: Allan Amato, David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil, Fight Club 2), Jason Shawn Alexander (Abe Sapien, Batman-End Game), Dave McKean (Mirror Mask, Sandman), Barron Storey (Sandman:Endless Nights, Marat-Sade Journals), Kent Williams (The Fountain), Bill Sienkiewicz (Electra Assassin, The New Mutants), Grant Morrison (Batman:Arkham Asylum, The Filth, Happy), Stephanie Inagaki, Ryan Graff, and Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, Venture Bros).

Temple of Art: In Comics

The Temple of Art documentary includes many luminaries in the comics industry, among them David Mack, Dave McKean, Grant Morrison, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mark Buckingham, Jason Shawn Alexander, Kent Williams, Greg Ruth, Brian Thies, Megan Hutchinson and Denys Cowan.

mack_finalDavid Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil, Fight Club 2)

Each of the art pieces in the Temple of Art book and gallery have been photographed by Allan Amato, and then manipulated by the artists involved through physical media.
The process led to fascinating conversations about why we pursue art, and what drives us to make art day after day in the face of adversity. Temple of Art hopes to explore those questions through a documentary, full of inspiring interviews with the artists involved.

daveMckean_webDave McKean (Mirror Mask, Sandman)

kentWilliamsKent Williams (The Fountain)

GREG finalSMGreg Ruth (Conan, Alabaster)

Watch The Kickstarter Video

See portraits of all the artists involved and support the Kickstarter!

New Rewards From Dave McKean, Greg Ruth, Barron Storey, and Jason Shawn Alexander

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We’ve unleashed a whole slew of new rewards for the Temple of Art Kickstarter, including original sketches from Dave McKean, Greg Ruth, Barron Storey, and Jason Shawn Alexander! You can grab them by pledging to the corresponding backer tier on the Kickstarter. Check them out below!


This is the famous goshawk from INDEH that gives Goyakhla the prophecy that in turn becomes the reason why we shout “geronimo!” when we do something dangerous or a make a big leap.

You can also pick up one of three David Mack variant prints of Stephanie Inagaki– as well as a twenty-six page preview booklet of some of the original art set to be in the final Temple of Art book, signed by David Mack, Stephanie Inagaki, Jason Shawn Alexander, Kent Williams, Grant Morrison, Jim Mahfood, and Allan Amato– just select the $40 David Mack variant print reward or the $50 David Mack variant print reward featuring the super limited edition SDCC exclusive catalog!


Get these fantastic rewards and support the Kickstarter!

Temple of Art, Allan Amato, Dave Mckean (Mirror Mask, Sandman), Barron Storey (Sandman:Endless Nights, Marat-Sade Journals), Kent Williams (Kent Williams:Ophthalm, The Fountain), Jason Shawn Alexander (Abe Sapien, Batman-End Game), David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), Bill Sienkiewicz (Electra Assassin, The New Mutants), Grant Morrison (Batman:Arkham Asylum, The Filth, Happy), Jim Mahfood (Clerks, Tank Girl), Stephanie Inagaki, Kozyndan, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Megan Hutchinson, Denys Cowan, Mark Buckingham, JAW Cooper, Junko Mizuno, Roman Dirge, Brian Thies, Christine Wu, Hueman, Jasmine Worth, Satine Phoenix, Matthew Levin, Soey Milk, Rovina Cai