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  • June 29, 2015


Ok, so one is a woman and the baby in question is a film about being an artist. Our mutant bionic baby, growing at an accelerated rate, as its dutiful parents fill it with knowledge, wisdom, curiosity and humor. Oh, and artists. So, maybe the title metaphor TWINS is more apropos, as long as I’m caught in an 80’s feedback loop. The perfect Schwarzenegger offspring culled from the genetic material of our best and brightest. Which would kinda make the trailer Danny Devito, I guess… way shorter and far more insolent.

I may have gone off the reservation, somewhat… what I’m trying to say is the 80’s is a far more whimsical decade, where celluloid is concerned, and…. Nope, that’s not right, either. I think it has something to do with film babies, how this project about creation, has in fact become the embodiment of creation itself. Which despite sounding pretty meta, is the literal figurative truth. Everything discussed within, reflects without, like an art event horizon (stay with me).

Every lesson learned over 160 hours of raw footage, distills into content fodder for the final film, and an approach that informs the philosophical structure of the film itself. This is our first film, and we often have no real clue as to how to proceed; fortunately that is exactly what this story is about. How to create, obsess, start something big, rely on others, emotionally connect to your work. And fail, most of all. Because aggressive investigation, experimentation with what doesn’t work, ultimately knocks you smack into what does. As the Almighty Barron Storey says, “If you don’t fail, you’re not aiming very high.”

So with our very first trailer almost in the bag after umpteen 14 hour days, here’s to my equally deluded partners Olga and Jason, the legion of creators who’ve so graciously allowed us into their lives and process, and all of you out there who’ve helped us along. May this film be the wheelbarrow for your dreams! Only far less wobbly.


PS – We have packaged up the first 50 rewards, which are headed to USPS.  Our plan is to persist throughout the ramp up to Comic Con, and get as many out to you as possible!

Working on trailer titles and reward fulfillment
Working on trailer titles and reward fulfillment
Temple of Art, Allan Amato, Dave Mckean (Mirror Mask, Sandman), Barron Storey (Sandman:Endless Nights, Marat-Sade Journals), Kent Williams (Kent Williams:Ophthalm, The Fountain), Jason Shawn Alexander (Abe Sapien, Batman-End Game), David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), Bill Sienkiewicz (Electra Assassin, The New Mutants), Grant Morrison (Batman:Arkham Asylum, The Filth, Happy), Jim Mahfood (Clerks, Tank Girl), Stephanie Inagaki, Kozyndan, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Megan Hutchinson, Denys Cowan, Mark Buckingham, JAW Cooper, Junko Mizuno, Roman Dirge, Brian Thies, Christine Wu, Hueman, Jasmine Worth, Satine Phoenix, Matthew Levin, Soey Milk, Rovina Cai